Re: [nsp] .1q subinterface counters

From: Blaz Zupan (
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 01:49:12 EDT

> I've checked FN, but am not sure if any of the descriptions I came up with
> are what I'm actually working for..
> Does anyone know what feature name (if it exists) I want to look for to
> get traffic counters via SNMP for .1q subinterfaces? Looking at the
> standard interfaces mib and the cisco enterprise tree I don't see anything
> that looks right, but thought I'd check.

All feature sets should have it since 12.1(3)T, but it was buggy (i.e.
non-working) until lately. It works for us in 12.2(7a) on a 7206VXR. See

for documentation on the support that was supposed to be in 12.1(3)T. Feature
navigator seems to be disagreeing with the above page (and my experience) and
tells me it should be working in 12.2(8)T and nothing earlier. Seems like
Cisco can't decide if it's a bug that it was not working in early 12.2

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