Re: [nsp] .1q subinterface counters

From: Mark Ivens (
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 09:38:23 EDT

Thus spake Gert Doering (

> I have no idea about the feature name, but it's in the latest 12.0S
> images, and also in 12.2 mainstream.

I would have thought it would be "SNMP Support for vLAN (ISL DOT1Q
Subinterfaces)" in feature navigator, although FN does not think it's
been integrated in 12.0S. About usual for Feature Navigator.

The release notes for 12.0S list it as "SNMP IF-MIB Support for VLAN
(802.1Q) Subinterfaces" a new feature in 12.0(21)S

The statistics still don't seem to be working properly yet, at least
not on our 7507's. ifOutOctets returns sensible values but ifInOctets
hardly increments at all. When we're shoving 400Mb/s of traffic into
the sub-interface the stats come up as 9b/s :-). The TAC says we're
hitting a defect that has been resolved and will be integrated into
the next release.


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