Re: [nsp] 3640 and full table

Date: Sat Jan 31 1998 - 15:43:47 EST

> I really wonder how it can be said something about GD on 11.2.12...
> Miracles are good thing, but I do not beleive in them in ordinary life
> and I can bet that this leak will not be cleared in period to 11.2.12 ;)

I wonder about the same. I tried upgrading a 7200 running 11.2(8)P to
11.2(11)P. This is connected to a Cat3100 switch, routing between VLANs
on Fast Ethernet subinterfaces. 11.2(11)P was a disaster - I lost contact
with *all* VLANs. The serial link worked, but nothing else. I'd certainly
call this a showstopper.

I downgraded to 11.2(10a)P, and things worked again. I also tried upgrading
to 11.3(1), and that also worked :-) So now the router has been running
11.3(1) for almost 24 hours - no apparent problems so far.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting,

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