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From: Humphrey Lo (losi@macau.ctm.net)
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 03:58:09 EST

Hi there,

My customer brings out an idea to get the maximum throughput of 192kbps by
using one 64kbps leased circuit and one ISDN call.

For the low traffic period, they can use the 64k leased circuit first. When
the utilization of this circuit reaches a predefined threshold, it will
automatically triggers an ISDN call to connect to the same destination and
overflow the extra traffic. Eventually, the total bandwidth will be up to
192kbps by using two B channel and one 64 leased circuit. When the
utilization dropped to 64 or less, the ISDN call will be disconnected.

Can Cisco IOS support this kind of circuits arrangment? I think the
multilink technology can only apply to two B channels only and suspect
whether the overflow technology would work this way.

Thanks in advance!


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