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From: Martin, Christian (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 21:57:23 EDT

I have the same problem. I am trying to address it with Juniper, as I doubt
Cisco will change their product to cooperate with the enemy.

I'll let you know if I make any progress...


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  I'd like to use Netflow Collector3.0(2.0) to collect RouterAS information
from Juniper routers.
  The Version 8 Header Format Cisco is using is as follows:

0每1 version NetFlow export format version number
2每3 count Number of flows exported in this flow frame
4每7 SysUptime Current time in milliseconds since the export device
8每11 unix_secs Current seconds since 0000 UTC 1970
12每15 unix_nsecs Residual nanoseconds since 0000 UTC 1970
16每19 flow_sequence Sequence counter of total flows seen
20 engine_type Type of flow switching engine
21 engine_id ID number of the flow switching engine
22 aggregation Aggregation method being used
23 agg_version Version of the aggregation export
24每27 reserved Unused (zero) bytes

  Cisco set agg_version to 2 now,but Juniper set agg_version to 0.
And the other field is the same.When Netflow Collector 3.0 receive
V8 data from Juniper routers,it says "error engine_type" and discard
the data. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot!

             H.Y Zhang.
            Oct.24 2001

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