sysmon-0.91.8 released

From: Jared Mauch (
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 03:30:58 EST


Changes for 0.91.8
        * some basic snmp support
        * fix memory leak in parser
        * fix some excess config parsing time
        * add some warnings that can help diagnose config file problems

        to use snmp, you need to have net-snmp (aka ucd-snmp)
installed on your system. you can call snmp a "beta" feature. if you
don't configure any snmp objects you won't get any of the bugs
or if you don't have the snmp libs installed you won't see them
either ...

        here's an example snmp object:

object host-snmp-reboot {
        ip "localhost";
        desc "localhost";
        type snmp;
        snmp-type "reboot";
        oid ".";
        community "public";
        contact "root";

        other snmp-types are:

        reboot (obviously)

        for the low,high,exact,range you need to:

object objectname {
        ip "blah";
        desc "blah";
        type snmp;
        snmp-type "low";
        snmp-low 25;
        oid ".";
        community "public";
        contact "routeradmin";

        same for
        we can only query oids that have a numeric response

        (meaning, you could replace . with system.sysUpTime.0)
but you can't query system.sysName.0 and ask to be paged if it
changes -- at least not currently nor is it planned. let me know
if you feel that type of a feature would be of use but I
suspect it's not necessary)

        snmp is beta so report bugs to me. i suspect there are
a lot.


        - jared

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