sysmon-0.91.10 released

From: Jared Mauch (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 22:45:11 EDT

        I'm going to be adding dns support.. been busy with lots
of other things hence the lack of a release since
January. Expect dns support to be in beta in another week or so.
let me know if you want to help test.

        other than that, get sysmon from the usual place:
md5sum: 3632aef67ada29cf88dc326dc3d68329

   Changes for 0.91.10
     * fix log_orphans() and loadconfig() to work as intended
     * integrate Leon patches into cvs
     * clean up a few very minor bugs

   Changes for 0.91.9L (Leon Brooks <>)
     * add config and code for notify on down/up only or both
     * count up-cycles as well as down-cycles
     * add formatting codes for up count, last recovery, service state
     * add up-count in status pages
     * add config for HTML refresh meta-header
     * tidy the resulting HTML output (eg consistent case in tags)
     * make memory debugging work for strdup() too
     * add config for PID file (/etc/ lives in readonly land here)
     * convert some random numbers to symbols (e.g. SYSM_OK, TRUE)
     * add commandline keywords pause/unpause stop/shutdown/suicide
     * document new and existing commandline options
     * collapse disparate signalling functions into one
     * make signal flag variable names consistent
     * collapse no-contact-address code in page_someone()
     * canonicalise existing X-Sysmon-unique-ID mail header
     * add X-SysMon-Host, X-SysMon-Uptime mail headers
     * add config for date (config date "%x %X";) use strftime codes
     * add date "format" shorthand ISO="%F %T" and DEC="%d-%b-%Y %T"
     * reformat some diagnostics to be much more informative
     * update man pages a bit
     * update the HTML documentation
     * formalise a stray entity in the Changes.html file
     * make sysmond tell about all of its options

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