sysmon-0.90.7 released

From: Jared Mauch (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 01:07:07 EST

        The latest version of sysmon is now avaiable.

        Here's the fixes:

Changes for 0.90.7
        * remove a ton of internal timing checks and calls to gettimeofday()
        * if we are initally starting up the daemon, use specified
          logging immediateley. Useful when logging to a file
          instead of via syslog for debugging info that will impact
          syslogd performance when we can locally optimize it.
        * insist that they specify a radius secret if it's a
          radius check
        * insist that they specify a username and password for
          checks that require it
        * fixed parser issue where we would free data before it
          was supposed to be.
        * added -q command line option to daemon to be quiet when
          sending sighup from "sysmond reload"
        * last message-id not preserved after sighup
        * fix for http check core dumping when parser should reject
        * fix for whitespace between object and object name.

        We are really approaching complete feature compatability with
sysmon-0.83.2 with all the proper rejection of the configuration file
having invalid data in it.

        As always, please report bugs to me, otherwise they can't be

        Check the included WISHLIST to get an idea of what is
planned for the future.

        - jared

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