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From: Garrett Scott (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 21:09:43 EDT

From a purely simplistic standpoint: snmp polling, then a check of retrieved
value against limits set per object. just one of the many options.

ie, checking a router temp (poll, accepted values min 40, max 86) or
checking a T1 line that on average only uses 800K per 5 min avg (poll,
accepted values min 500, max 1000) etc.

object {
        ip "";
        type snmp_poll;
        snmp_min_value 7; # when is cold, too cold
        snmp_max_value 30; # temp returned in C, not F
        snmp_community public;
        snmp_oid "";
        desc "";
        dep "";
        contact "";

Might want to look into possibly a stateful memory cache of previous values
to get line saturation avgs if the snmp values happen to be absolute. ie,
total bytes in/out - but we want a threshold limit on number of bytes
transfered within 4 polling cycles.

-- Garrett

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        Also, i'm interested in features and what people want the
snmp check to do. What types of variables you want to test and what
operation(s) you want done with various data.

        I'd ideally like to avoid creating a database backend for sysmon
where we manage the config out of a more complicated system in order to
get the added functionality of more conditional execution of code
based on snmp variables.

        - Jared

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