Bug: Ping should never be killed!

From: Johansson, Dan (Dan.Johansson@sgl-information-services.com)
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 10:43:03 EDT

Hi all,

Just downloaded and installed sysmon v0.91.5 as it seems to be what I want.

However, when running a very simple configfile I get the "Bug: Ping should
never be killed!" both on the console and in the syslog. In syslog the
message "Killing stale check lasting xxxxxxxxx secs" as

I haven't looked at the sources yet. This happens when status is changed on
a node, from up to down (haven't tried down-up).

I run this on a slackware 8.0 box, there is no other than the "default
applications" (apache etc.) running afaik. I'm no guru at this...

Config file (have also tried without numfailures, same result but it takes
longer time for the error to appear):

config statusfile html "/var/www/htdocs/statfile.html";
config showupalso;
config numfailures 1;

object sysmon-host {
 ip "";
 type ping;
 desc "ping-sysmon-host";
 contact "me@dom.com";

object test {
 ip "";
 type ping;
 dep "sysmon-host";
 desc "dan";
 contact "me@dom.com";

any hints or ideas what I can do is welcome.

Dan Johansson

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