Now I have problems with Radius

From: Simon White (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 11:03:02 EDT


Thanks for your quick help yesterday. All is running perfectly across my
whole network except the radius test. There's no example in the config
example and yet I have the general idea and have set a secret for the IP
of the sysmon box on the radius server etc

This is not a firewall issue since both boxes are on the same subnet.

Here's the config

object Auth {
        ip "";
        type radius;
        port 1645; # note I have tried with and without this port
        secret "sysmonsecret";
        username "a-valid-username";
        password "the-corresp.-pass";
        desc "Auth";
        dep "Data";

Sysmon always gives: No Srvr Resp

Can U help?

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