Object has no relationsbip

From: Rob Stewart (robert.stewart@core.com)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 11:45:15 EDT

Hello, rather odd situation here I think that I am running into. When I run
sysmon (0.91.7) there are a bunch of errors for relationships. I will
assume that means dependencies. The problem is, they have dependencies that
are valid. My implementation of sysmon is on a somewhat large scale (a
little over 700 objects total) I saw the thread Jared answered stating to
try putting localhost as an object to depend on, so I tried this putting being the "last" link in the chain of dependencies. Baisclaly it
would go like machine1 -> router2 -> router1 -> root object -> localhost.
That is just a crude sample of the type of chain running here. Anyone have
any suggestions to look for that could be causing all these relationsbip


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