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From: Damien Manuel (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 17:39:12 EST

Greetings Jared,

Would it be possible to have Sysmon generating a main HTML Page that shows the number of sites being monitored by category and who they are with a summary of any sites that have failed?

Sites being monitored by Ping = 10
Sites being monitored by SMTP = 3
Links to full details for locations:

Sites that have failed: (Site name: Time: Number of Failures)
                                ABC1 10:30 1
                                XYZ1 2:30 6

Is it easy to also add the ability to have links to additional pages on this main page which show the full details, similar to how it currently is?

One problem that I currently have is that I monitor routers in six states in Australia and the main page is getting rather long (Ultimately I would like to monitor 300 devices with sysmon). By the time I get to the end of the HTML page to view the details it refreshes, as I check the sites every two minutes. Is it possible to add a "location=abc" to each device being monitored in the config which Sysmon can read and then split down into abc.html? In theory the main HTML page can show failed sites only while the sub HTML pages can show the full details for each location (hence a HTML page can be generated for each state for instance).

Do you like others to contribute code to Sysmon?

Damien Manuel

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