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List Description
alcatel-nsp [no description available]
arista-nsp [no description available]
Boatanchors Boat Anchor Owners and Collectors List
u'calix-nsp' All things Calix
u'Cambridge-nsp' [no description available]
cisco-bba Discussion of Cisco broadband aggregation products/questions
cisco-nas list for cisco NAS (Network Access Server) users
cisco-nsp list for people using cisco in a NSP (Network service provider) environment
u'cisco-ubr' List for discussion of the cisco uBR
cisco-voip Cisco VoIP list
u'dc-ops' [no description available]
u'device-discovery' device discovery list
u'docsis-nsp' [no description available]
extreme-nsp Extreme for NSPs
force10-nsp List for Force10 Technical Discussions
foundry-nsp a list for people that use foundry in a service provider environment
Heath Heathkit Owners and Collectors list
u'Hmproject' [no description available]
u'hp-nsp' For people using HP routers in a Service Provider environment
u'huawei-nsp' [no description available]
u'inet-ops' list for internet operators
u'iptv-users' [no description available]
u'Irrd' [no description available]
juniper-nsp Juniper for Network Service Providers
u'lisp-interest' Mailing list for discussion of the LISP protocol
u'Mikrotik-nsp' [no description available]
u'ndr' Network Disaster Recovery Mailing List
u'Net-grrls' [no description available]
network-jobs This list is for posting job openings in the realm of data and voice networking.
u'nsp-qos' list for QoS discussions
Outages Outages (planned & unplanned) Reporting.
u'Outages-announce' Change management, future updates regarding the list, etc.
Outages-discussion Post outages meta-discussion (troubleshooting,analysis, post-mortem, etc).
redback-nsp [no description available]
RPKI-Deployers Private RPKI deployers list
u'Sysmon-announce' announcements for sysmon list.
Sysmon-help For help with the Sysmon Package
VoiceOps VoiceOps
u'vyatta-nsp' [no description available]

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