[alcatel-nsp] make alcatel 7750 send ebgp learnt routes

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Thu Aug 21 13:26:08 EDT 2008

--- snyder at fusion-networks.com wrote:
From: "Dan Snyder" <snyder at fusion-networks.com>

We have twenty some 7750's deployed and a couple of 7450's and a
couple 7710's...we just started deploying them end of last year and we
are planning on having a atleast a hundred or more deployed in the
next couple years.

Wow!  I am also using 7710s on the border.  They're nice.  Be careful, though, when putting multiple OC-12s (or other?  I only did OC-12s) into one BGP session.  You need to use the ecmp and multipath commands or mem will exhaust.

What I like about the 7x50/7710 series is all the commands are the same, so I can use PERL to login and gather info with the same commands, where other vendors have differing commands on different boxes.

Are all those 7750s SR-12s?  Will you have 100 7750s?  To manage the routers I use homegrown tools.  What will you use? SAM?  If you use SAM, how do you like it?



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