[alcatel-nsp] IPTV on 7x50s

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Fri May 16 13:12:47 EDT 2008

--- aj at sneep.net wrote:
Scott Weeks wrote:
> Thanks, it made for interesting reading.  I have read other testing documents, as well, but I was hoping to hear of real-world experiences from other operators on what their experiences were in the early stages of IPTV implementation.  The closer we get to starting, the more scared I become...  ;-)

Your account team should be able to put you in touch with operators who 
are willing to share their experiences.  Some people may not want to 
speak up publicly.

I started to realize that after sending out the email.  I guess I just wait for the tidal wave of traffic and see how well I swim...  ;-)

I was just wondering what other operators experienced right after turning up the first bulk group of customers, so I could be ready.


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