[alcatel-nsp] Question: VPRN service: "auto-bind ldp" and SDPbindings

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It is case 2, so it binds the VPRN service to the LDP FECs in the core,
without the need to configure SDPs explicitly






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Hello All,

I have a question on using the 7750 Alcatel router to configure VPNs
over MPLS network.


For the VPRN service if I use the "auto-bind ldp" command what exactly
does it do?

Does it

1.	Bind the service to available SDPs (RSVP or LDP based) already
configured on the router?
2.	Bind the service to LDP MPLS paths that use the IP core routing
information without need of configuring SDPs explicitly?


Example configuration



  vprn 108 customer 108 create

   auto-bind ldp



Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!




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