[alcatel-nsp] 7710 SR: limits of the routing table (hardware limits)

Oriana Palivan oriana.palivan at fibrelac.com
Fri Jul 24 04:54:17 EDT 2009

Dear all,

I am looking for the hardware limits of the routing table of an 7710 SR (I
have an SR4). If someone

-       Ipv4 routing table: I have in mind that it can handle 1 million
routes on hardware level, is it right?

-       Ipv6 routing table: is it handled on hardware level also, or only
software? Does anyone knows what is the limit of the routing table for ipv6?

Here are the details of my 7710 SR routers :

Release: 7.0.R2

CPU Control FPGA version is 0x29

Boot rom version is v29

CFMCTL FPGA version is 0x29

CCM FPGA version is 0x99

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards, Oriana Palivan

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