[alcatel-nsp] 1645 AMC

Tom Storey tom at snnap.net
Mon Jun 15 18:10:56 EDT 2009

Does anyone have any of these that they can take a picture of.

I am looking at some pictures on the ALU website, but the appearance  
doesnt match up with the datasheet.

The datasheet suggests it has one option slot with two built in SFP  
cages for STM1/4 interfaces, but the picture appears to have two slots  
and what looks like 4 SFP cages.

Also, can anyone comment on the performance of these boxes? Id be  
looking at using them for EoSDH, with one sitting in a hub site, and  
two remote sites. One remote site would likely only be doing a single  
STM1, while the other will be doing 2-3 STM1's.


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