[alcatel-nsp] 7750-SR for Service Provider EDGE

Pablo Verissimo pablo.verissimo at gmail.com
Mon May 25 14:49:54 EDT 2009


Some information regarding IOM3-XP:

IOM3-XP is Alcatel-Lucent’s third generation Input/Output Module (IOM)
for the Service Router family. It provides up to 50 Gbps (full duplex)
of forwarding performace (up to 25 Gbps per MDA), enabling the 7750
SR12 to operate at system capacity of 1 Tbps (half duplex). 64K queues
can be assigned to any MDA or port (at ingress or egress).

The new Flexpath 2 (FPII) chipset is used on IOM3 and IMMs, which is
capable of process traffic at 100 Gbps.

Some numbers that I have for chassis mode D (with IOM3 only):
- MAC scale to 500k;
- ARP cache to 500k;
- IPVPN Scale to 10k;
- access IP Interfaces to 15k.

More information can be found at

Hope it helps!


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