[alcatel-nsp] Accounting records and rollover times?

Robert J. Huey rhuey at anzus.com
Tue Apr 13 13:04:38 EDT 2010

Can anyone share their experiences with accounting policies on the 77xx or 74xx platforms?  I'm particularly interested in the impact on SAM and the xml file size can/will grow with the number of SAPs on the node.   Can anyone share best practice for aggregating accounting records on these platforms?   For example, what roll over and retention times are folks using?  Any gotcha's in the event of a CPM/SF failures or maintenance tasks that require CPM failover?

Also, we use a collection of methods to aggregate and graph historical network statistics across the network that is not tied to the 5620 SAM server.   In this case, we can pull the records into SAM and then pull them into existing systems using the SAM-O interface.  I guess another alternative is to collect the same data right off the nodes?   Again, I see a bunch of trade offs depending on the diameter and size of the network and the load we're putting on a centralize SAM server. 


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