[alcatel-nsp] Log for unstable MAC Address in FDB Table (looping effect)

Ryan Landry Ryan.Landry at TELUS.COM
Thu Apr 29 10:27:08 EDT 2010

starting on page 530 of the 7750SR 6.1 services guide (yes, i know you said 7450) there's a whole bunch of mac-related protection and notification mechanisms within a VPLS.  i don't know if they'd work for you in a 7450 environment, but it's a good read nonetheless.  i don't know if it specifically creates a log entry for a certain mac, but you could pin a mac to a specific SDP or SAP, and entries indicating that the mac showed up on a SAP would give you an idea that there's movement happening.

i haven't tested it.



On 2010-04-29, at 5:12 AM, Andhy Indarto wrote:

> Dear all,
> Is there any possibility to raise or to make log alarm for unstable MAC Address in FDB Table (VPLS) that caused by looping effect ?
> The problem is the loop is caused by external transmission which is from Radio Microwave and MAC Address that come from SDP is suddenly received from SAP (from Radio Microwave), Can 7450 raise log alarm that cause by this (unstable MAC Address).
> Thank you before….
> Regards,
> andhi indarto

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