[alcatel-nsp] 7750 SR as Internet Peering Router

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Wed Mar 24 13:15:21 EDT 2010

--- geje at nextgentel.com wrote:
From: "Geir Jensen" <geje at nextgentel.com>

Are any of you  using the 7750 SR as Internet Peering router.  And if
you do, how will you rate it compared to juiper/cisco?

We currently use 7710s for upstream BGP peering, but will be moving to 7750s soon.  We use 7750s to peer with our downstream customers and they work perfectly fine.  

The issue for you would revolve around the rest of your network.  Will it be Alcatel 7750/7450?  If not, there will be a learning curve because the OS is so different.  If your level 1 folks are not so experienced they could have trouble switching back and forth between the cisco and Alcatel operating systems, which may mean more 3am trouble calls for you.  ;-)  The Alcatel OS is more like Juniper than cisco.



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