[alcatel-nsp] 7750 SR OS 7.0 IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel

Bryan deadheadblues at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 20:44:29 EDT 2010


I am trying to get an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel working on 2 7750s with
7.0. Here is my plan:


R2 and R3 will have a direct IPv4 connectivity.
Each router will have a loopback as an endpoint for the tunnel (this
will have IPv4 and IPv6 addresses).
Then another loopback will have only IPv6 addressing to simulate an IPv6 LAN.
Routing between the "LANs" will be done using static routes.

Is this possible? I have been reading and following the 7.0 Router
Guide pages 52-60. Not really sure what the guide is going for since
no explanation or context is given for their configuration examples. I
have no clue what BGP is doing there.



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