[alcatel-nsp] VPRN with BGP route redistribution problem

Martin Triller martrinet at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 22:16:27 EDT 2010

I'm trying to get a L3VPN working and use BGP as the PE-CE protocol. Somehow
I can't get the routes which I learn over a global L3VPN BGP session to be
announced to the CE over BGP. Must be missing something in my configuration

The routes are learned correctly from the other side PE and they are in my
local routing table (I can see them with "SHOW ROUTER xxxxx ROUTE-TABLE"):

Route Table (Service: xxxxx)
Dest Prefix                                   Type    Proto    Age
       Next Hop[Interface Name]
y.y.y.y/24                                      Remote  BGP VPN  00h00m45s
       z.z.z.z (tunneled)                                         0

However, the route is not announced to my direct BGP peer over the direct

Here is my vprn configuration:

        vprn 10 customer 1 create
            autonomous-system 11111
            route-distinguisher 11111:22222
            auto-bind ldp
            vrf-target target:11111:22222
            interface "ce0-vlan801"  create
                address x.x.x.1/24
                sap 8/1/1:801 create
                router-id x.x.x.1
                group "ce1"
                    type external
                    peer-as 22222
                    neighbor x.x.x.2
            no shutdown

What do I miss? Do I need some import of the routes from the vrf table into
bgp? Tried a few versions, but failed on all of them. BGP is all up and fine
and all the learned routes from the CE are imported and sent to the other
side just fine, just the routes learned over the vpn bgp session are only
making it into the local service routing table and are not announced to the
CE router.

Any hints?
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