[alcatel-nsp] 7750 SR OS 7.0 IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel

Dan Snyder sliplever at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 11:06:50 EDT 2010

I used a iom2-20g.... I did see this note in the router configuration
guide for IPv6-

To configure IPv6 parameters, you must first:

The chassis mode must be set to c in the config>system>chassis-mode
context. Use the

force keyword to upgrade to c mode with cards provisioned as iom-20g
or iom-20g-b.

The ASAP MDA can only be configured if the iom2-20g IOM type is provisioned and

equipped and the chassis mode is configured as a or b.

Note that, if you are in chassis-mode c and configure an IOM type as
iom2-20g and then downgrade to chassis-mode a or b (must specify force
keyword), a warning appears about the IOM downgrade. In this case, the
IOM`s provisioned type will downgrade to iom-20g- b. Once this is
done, the ASAP MDA cannot be configured.

If this is the desired behavior, for example, chassis-mode c is
configured and IPv6 is running, you can then downgrade to chassis-mode
a or b if you want to disable IPv6.


On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Rodriguez, Mauricio
<Mauricio.Rodriguez at fpl.com> wrote:
> Dan,
> I'm curious about the hardware revision on the router where you implemented your tunneling configuration.  Specifically, does that router have iom2 hardware or newer installed?  My understanding is that IPv6 is not supported on the original iom or iom-20g-b.
> Thanks!
> Mauricio Rodriguez, NRS1
> FPL FiberNet, LLC
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