[alcatel-nsp] Alcatel-Juniper 10G Interop

Ryan Landry Ryan.Landry at TELUS.COM
Mon Feb 7 22:00:59 EST 2011

network vs access. routed vs vlan-tagged, if you will.

with pretty much everything pre-8.0 SROS you'll need to buttonhook your
layer 2 services to a layer 3 service. in 8.0 ALU was kind enough to
introduce routed-VPLS, which is basically like a L3-VLAN or "SVI" in

in some cases i've gotten around the buttonhook requirement by using
various vlans into IES-based interfaces, setting up a bunch of /31's with
proxy-arp to a loopback (also within the IES).

On 11-02-07 2:05 PM, "James Jones" <james at freedomnet.co.nz> wrote:

>can some one refresh my memory what this setting does? and what the
>different modes are?
>On 7/02/11 12:12 PM, Ryan Landry wrote:
>> Configured Mode    : network
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