[alcatel-nsp] 7750 Route Reflector Server Question

Ben Robinson brobinson at lsnetworks.net
Thu Mar 3 19:50:50 EST 2011


I'm using route reflection on 7750-SR (8.0R7) and want to set next hop self for routes learned from external BGP peers, but not on routes learned from internal BGP peers. The goal is to reflect routes from internal peers, preserving the IGP next hop while setting next hop self on routes from external peers. Perhaps this is the default behavior.

I can set all routes to next hop self in the 7750 Peer/Group configuration and with a policy. Since I don't want all routes advertised internally by the 7750 to have the next hop self set, I'm assuming that it is accomplished in a policy.

Firstly, does anyone know if this is the default behavior? Or, if possible, how to accomplish this with SROS policy.

The Juniper policy equivalent is:

term external {
    from route-type external;
    then {
        next-hop self;
term internal {
    from route-type internal;
    then accept;


Policy nhs-ipv6:
    Term external:
        from route-type external
        then nexthop self accept
    Term internal:
        from route-type internal
        then accept


Ben Robinson
Systems Engineer
LS Networks, Inc.

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