[alcatel-nsp] Smoothness of egress shaped scheduler-policy with multi-service-site.

Jonathon Exley Jonathon.Exley at kordia.co.nz
Tue Mar 29 16:57:14 EDT 2011

We have been having this problem also. From what I can glean from ALU, the schedulers use a token bucket chain to control the shaping of the traffic, and the bucket size (which affects the burst size) doesn't seem to be tweakable by the user. The cbs & mbs are queue buffer sizes, not burst sizes.

So as Anton suggests, the best way to get a smooth output is to use the egress-rate command. This works on GE ports, but not 10/100 ports.

I was told verbally that the shaping system will be improved in R9 to reduce the bursty nature of the schedulers, but that will require IOM3 (I think) so not much use if you have old ESS1 or SR1 devices.

However this is all from my memory, which is not all that reliable, so may well be totally wrong. ;)


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