[alcatel-nsp] Removing bogus objects from 5620 SAM physical topology map

Chaundy, Chris Chris.Chaundy at nn.com.au
Wed Nov 30 18:56:11 EST 2011

Hi there,

We have an unmanaged NE discovered by LLDP (an Omniswitch 6855 which misconfigured when it was originally connected) with a bogus name (the MAC address) in our 5620 SAM physical topology map and there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of it or change the object name.  Now that it has been correctly configured, the system name is known when you drill down through the link properties, but the map name is not being updated.  Does anyone have a (non-drastic :-) suggestion on how this can be fixed?

Thanks, Chris Chaundy
Nextgen Networks


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