[alcatel-nsp] Redistribute OSPF into BGP on 7750 SR-7

Arif Romansyah arif.romansyah at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 13:08:15 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I am a new member in this mailing list, I have some problem with 7750
configuration here, and I appreciate if there anyone who could help me.

I'll explain the topology first, I have two 7750 SR-7 which is connected to
Upstream (Internet Service Provider) connection with eBGP. both of SR-7
connected with iBGP, and there is OS9700 which is connected with OSPF to the
7750 SR-7.

I have done peering BGP from 7750 to Upstream Router, Peering with another
7750 with iBGP there is no problem, also connection to the OS9700 with OSPF
it is running well.
7750 can receive a routing table from upstream router. But, the Upstream
router couldn't receive my 7750's routing table, my question is:
1. How to advertise OSPF routing table into BGP?

Fyi, 7750 connected with ospf to the coreswitch OS9700 using loopback ip,
another question is:
2. Is it posibble if i'm using loopback ip as a router id, but i want to
redistribute network internal into bgp routing table?? I have try using
policy-statement export from ospf to bgp but still the upstream cannot
receive my network.

I'm glad if anyone could help me. thank you



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