[alcatel-nsp] How to perfom bandwidth ratio on 7750

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at the moment, i am looking for egress limit configuration. i have few LSPs from 7750 to those 2 MX960s. maybe i'll need to trim down my LSPs and then set egress limit accordingly?

one more thing, that egress is suppose to be my bandwidth?

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That’s a really open question.
It really depends upon what sort of traffic you have.
You can set an egress rate limit on the port, but I think you want to do some sort of traffic engineering.
If you are using MPLS you can create LSPs via the different ports and assign traffic to those LSPs to balance the traffic.
If you are using BGP you can advertise different routes out of each peering session in influence the inbound traffic, and set the local preference to influence the outbound
If you are wanting to form a LAG bundle, you will need links with the same speed.



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I am having a 7750 box which connecting to two Juniper MX960. One of the interface is having 200 Mbps fiber link and the other interface is having 400 Mbps link. Let say I having 300 Mb traffics, can someone guide me how to configure on both ports for to distribute
 traffics in 2:1 ratio? Meaning, 200 Mb will go thru the 400 Mbps link and the remaining will be going thru the 200 Mbps link.

Thanks in advance.

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