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Hi Diego,

Thanks a lot for your information.

Insan Praja SW

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Hi Insan,

If you're not looking at doing GRE and don't need any NAT, you can live without the ISA for the moment. 

You can use regular subscriber management for this and you'll be able to shape the traffic per-subscriber. 

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Hi List,

We are considering to implement WiFi Aggregation and Traffic Offload using SR 7750. First phase is a simple captive-portal based redirection for authentication, no GRE-tunnelling.. simple L2 termination. We contacted ALU sales person, and they suggested that this phase 1 implementation still need MS-ISA. After several reading, OmniSwitch is also able to do this.

I need to make sure that first implementation wouldn't cost to much. Could somebody could give me some enlightenment on this matter?


Insan Praja SW
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