[alcatel-nsp] FDB VPLS on VRRP

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Hi Lukman,

Sorry for the late reply.

If you could add some show commands, it might help. But I think what you see is normal, the VRRP MAC should only appear when the system (gw2) becomes the owner, that is, when GW1 goes down.

Best regards

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This first my posting here
I have question related with VRRP toward switch
IP Int Gw1 -
IP Int Gw2 -

connection to switch is via VPLS then routed to VPRN using R-VPLS

When I saw vpls fdb on gw2 I got mac of IP Int Gw1 and only has 1 cpm mac address which is IP Int Gw2 also mac of IP VRRP as VLAN Spoke from Gw1
Usually I saw on gw2 fdb is only contain 2 cpm which is mac of IP Int Gw2 and IP VRRP

What I facing here is normal ?

Lukman Prihandika
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