[alcatel-nsp] FDB VPLS on VRRP

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Hi Lukman,

Actually, it seems you have two different vlans on the same vrrp/vpls. 
 I think what's happening is that your vrrp messages are sent to both vlans and received by both vlans on the other node. Basically vrrp messages are multicast and thus are flooded to all saps and sdps in the same vpls. Since you essentially have 2 paths between gw1 and gw2 (the two vlans you mention) you will se gw2's MAC on both vlans and we keep re-learning those MACs depending on which vlan we see it first. 

I think its normal (given your topology)

Do you have any acl/split horizon groups to prevent flooding ? 
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Hi Diego, 

Below for fdb on gw1 which is IP interface of gw2 coming to fdb gw1 and
shown sometime as vlan 3349 or 3353

A:GW1:# show service id 1010 fdb detail

Forwarding Database, Service 1010
ServId    MAC               Source-Identifier        Type   Last Change
1010      00:00:5e:00:01:06 cpm                      Intf   06/20/2011
1010      00:07:72:be:4d:1f sap:4/2/8:65.3353        L/0    06/20/2011
1010      00:07:72:be:4d:33 sap:4/2/8:65.3349        L/0    06/20/2011
1010      6c:be:e9:a7:92:e9 sap:4/2/8:65.3349        L/0    07/01/2011
1010      7c:20:64:73:66:8e cpm                      Intf   03/19/2011
No. of MAC Entries: 4
Legend: L=Learned; P=MAC is protected

A:GW1:# show router 1 arp 00:00:5e:00:01:06 <-- ip vrrp 7c:20:64:73:66:8e <-- ip int gw1 6c:be:e9:a7:92:e9 <-- ip int gw2 00:07:72:be:4d:1f <-- ip node B 1 00:07:72:be:4d:33 <-- ip node B 2


Best regard,
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Hi Lukman,
Sorry for the late reply.
If you could add some show commands, it might help. But I think what you
see is normal, the VRRP MAC should only appear when the system (gw2)
becomes the owner, that is, when GW1 goes down.
Best regards

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This first my posting here

I have question related with VRRP toward switch



IP Int Gw1 -

IP Int Gw2 -


connection to switch is via VPLS then routed to VPRN using R-VPLS


When I saw vpls fdb on gw2 I got mac of IP Int Gw1 and only
has 1 cpm mac address which is IP Int Gw2 also mac of IP VRRP as VLAN
Spoke from Gw1

Usually I saw on gw2 fdb is only contain 2 cpm which is mac of IP Int Gw2


What I facing here is normal ?


Lukman Prihandika

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