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Hi Amit,

If your queue 1 has all the default parameters, that means your CIR=0 and PIR=max and CBS/MBS are 10ms of the CIR/PIR respectively.


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Appericiate is some one could help me in my below query ...

Thanks in Advance!!
On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 6:17 PM, Amit Dhamija <amiitdhamija at gmail.com<mailto:amiitdhamija at gmail.com>> wrote:

I want to know if we don't configure any rate parameter nor CIR for a service lets say VPRN service , What will be my default CBS and MBS.??

>From below output i want to know that Port 2/1/10 has a total buffer pool of 12288KB out of which Reserve is 4096 (Is this max reserved for CBS) and shared is 8192KB ( Is this max MBS for this Port).

Is the below Queue 1 is sharing 1280KB from shared pool (8192) ?? means there is space for more queues to take shared reservation.

show pools 2/1/10 access-ingress

Pool Information
Port                 : 2/1/10
Application          : Acc-Ing           Pool Name          : default
Resv CBS             : Sum
Utilization                   State       Start-Avg    Max-Avg    Max-Prob
High-Slope                    Down              70%        90%         80%
Low-Slope                     Down              50%        75%         80%

Time Avg Factor      : 7
Pool Total           : 12288 KB
Pool Shared          : 8192 KB           Pool Resv          : 4096 KB

Pool Total In Use    : 0 KB
Pool Shared In Use   : 0 KB              Pool Resv In Use   : 0 KB
WA Shared In Use     : 0 KB

Hi-Slope Drop Prob   : 0                 Lo-Slope Drop Prob : 0
Name                          FC-Maps       MBS       HP-Only A.PIR    A.CIR
                                            CBS       Depth   O.PIR    O.CIR
                              be l2 af l1   1280      256     1000000  0
                              h2 ef h1 nc   0         0       Max      0
Please help.


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