[alcatel-nsp] L2VPN BGP not coming up in ALU7750sr12c - cisco 7600

GECECI, TAHSIN (TAHSIN) tahsin.gececi at alcatel-lucent.com
Sun Oct 19 18:03:11 EDT 2014

Hi Thiyagarajan,
It feels like the 7600 is not able to send the sub-address family identifier correctly.
If you can debug bgp on the 775012c (sr-c) and share the details of the NLRI we will be able to get back with a more definitive answer I believe.

hope this helps
Tahsin Gececi
Integration Expert Engineer
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Subject: [alcatel-nsp] L2VPN BGP not coming up in ALU7750sr12c - cisco 7600


I configured L2vpn bgp between ALU 775012C running 12.0sros and cisco 7600 router where I find the bgp session is closed by 7750 router throwing below error.

"VR 1: Group RR-5: Peer<>: sending notification: code UPDATE subcode BAD_NETWORK"
"VR 1: Group RR-5: Peer<>: moved from higher state ESTABLISHED to lower state IDLE due to event PARSE_ERROR"

The same peer is made up in vpnv4 and ipv4.

Warm Regards,
Thiyagarajan B.
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