[alcatel-nsp] Filtering BGP routes using Extended communities

Matthews, Philip (Philip) Philip.Matthews at alcatel-lucent.com
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I haven't had a chance yet to test these to see if they do what you want, but you might try:
     community "CUST-EXPORT" expression "target:555&.*"
     community "CUST-EXPORT" expression "target:555&1..151"
The CLI at least accepts these as valid syntax.

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Hi all,

I have a community set for a customer that is in the format target:ASN:x x being a range from 1-151.  I need to setup a BGP export filter that will match all of the communities and only export these routes.  If I use standard communities ASN:x then I can use this format and it works:

community "CUST-EXPORT" members "^ASN:(.*)$"

This does not work for extended communities.

Does anyone know how to make this work for extended communities?  Reading the ALU docs I should be able to reg-ex for these types of communities, but have not been successful.

I have tried these formats but I get invalid format:
community "CUST-EXPORT" members target:"^ASN:(.*)$"
community "CUST-EXPORT" members target:"ASN:*"
community "CUST-EXPORT" members "target:ASN:*"


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