[alcatel-nsp] 回复: 回复: 回复: what's the difference between policer and queue,IN QOS for al 7750-SR

Mark Ivens mark at clara.net
Mon Aug 10 09:56:24 EDT 2015

On 06/08/2015 03:02, zhangyongshun wrote:
> but what's mean the MBS  configure  in  policer context  looks like :
> policer 1 create
>                 rate 2048 cir 2048
>                 mbs 10 kilobytes                       
////////////////MBS maximum buffer size

In this context, the MBS is the burst tolerance of the policer's leaky
bucket for high priority traffic. On ingress, this is trusted in-profile
packets and untrusted high priority packets.

There's an explanation in the SR OS QoS Configuration Guide. Search for
the context "config>qos>sap-ingress>policer".

The default MBS is 64 kilobytes when PIR = max, otherwise, 10ms volume
of traffic for a configured non zero/non max PIR.


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