[alcatel-nsp] paket-los on simple eline SAS7210

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Fri Oct 13 09:37:28 EDT 2017

Hi list,


i have three SAS-R6/R12 connect thru 10G links WAN, mpls, ospf. 

I just configured one epipe 

from location A, 1G port as access-SAP, default MTU 1514 ,

to location B, 1G port as access-dotq-SAP therefore MTU 1518,

Service-mtu 1514. Everything looks good.


But after some time, we realized a paket-lost of 20-25%.

Looking at the counters (after synchronized “clear” commands),

We can see that the packet count of the SDP on device B incoming

Is equal to the packet count of SDP in device A outgoing 

Is equal to the packet count of SAP/PORT on device A incoming.

But the packet Count of SAP/PORT on device B outgoing reflects the loss.


We can not find any error/drop/
 counters !

WAN is not overbooked and should result in SDP-in on B being lower than
SDP-out on A .

Too-Big Pakets should be dropped on A PORT/SAP incoming,

So should not get transmitted thru MPLS to B.


Setting all MTUs the the system Maximum solves this Problem ,

So I have a workaround.


Any ideas what is going wrong ?


Thank you for your help,




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