[alcatel-nsp] ISAM 7360 GPON Provisioning

Philip Olsson philip at teleservice.net
Mon Sep 11 03:48:42 EDT 2017


I'm curious how you guys do provisioning of GPON on the Nokia 7360?

The method that seems to be mostly used is pre-provisioning of ONT ports with serial numbers for all the ONTs with CLI. 

This would require a backend provisioning system knowing the complete state of the all the 7360's in order to do automatic "CLI configuration" from the backend. This would be pretty heavy in implementation.

This also has some challenges that you need to know exactly what ONT shows up on what OLT, this would be a real problem during installation since installers usually do not know what ONT/CPE shows up on what house.

I would be interested in a setup that is a bit more reactive, DOCSIS-style. 

If you have any pointers/feedback for successful GPON deployment, please get back to me.


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