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On  3 Apr 97 at 9:38, Jeffrey Herman spoke about Svetlana's EL509 and

> Regarding Svet's EL509, the following appeared on
> anchors. Jeff KH2PZ

> >(415) 233-0429, fax (415) 233-0439
> >email svetengr at or engineering at
> >
> >We do make the last large sweep tube, type EL509. If you are trying
> >to keep a sweep-tube linear running and can't find the original
> >tubes, our tube is a good retrofit. Contact us for more
> >information.

Jeff, I also received some interesting details about this big sweep
tube from Pentti in Finland. I am sure he doesn't mind me passing it
From:    Pentti.Haka at

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997 00:31:35 -0800, in  AF4K wrote:

>Does anyone know WHAT an EL509 is??
>I never heard of that one! It sounds like a late-model power pentode
>of some kind!!

EL509 is one of the last TV sweep tube types made, before the
semiconductors took over. Probably also the largest. It's a German
type, made by Telefunken and Siemens I believe. It was designed for
large-screen-diameter color sets where high power was required. I have
a few NOS EL509's, and they look very impressive. The socket is a
9-pin magnoval, and the tube is about 1.5 times the height of a 6146,
so it is not a good substitute. By the looks & specs of it, it could
have (had) potential as a final tube for HF linears.

Regards, Pentti
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