GlowBug list

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Sat Apr 5 20:15:01 EST 1997

Just a reminder to all of you interested in homebrewing with tubes:
About a year ago we created a list that was sort of a marriage between
BA and QRP lists: Glowbugs. The guys on there are building one-
and two-tube xmtrs and rcvrs. It initially resided at
but under threat of a $20/yr subscription fee, it moved to
temporarily, and this weekend is in the process of moving to
As soon as the move is complete, I'll ask the listowner to post the
new subscription instructions to you folks.

73 from Hawaii,
Jeff KH2PZ / KH6 (original Glowbug listowner [for it's first 2 days])

P.S. I hope this list's name won't change, but if it must, my first
choice would be "Boatanchors(free)", second would be "BA", third would
be "Firebottles."

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