Firebottles is a great name!

Walt Novinger waltn at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Apr 6 11:03:04 EDT 1997

Michael stated the case elegantly...let's let Jack's list continue trhe
"old" tradition" and help the "new" list establish its own.


> From: Michael Crestohl <mc at SOVER.NET>
> Subject: Firebottles is a great name!
> Date: Sunday, April 06, 1997 1:18 AM
> Hello Everyone:
> I second Jeff's suggestion "Firebottles-List" for the name of the new
> list.
> "Boatanchors" is already in use.  Whether you agree with the subscription
> fee policy or not is immaterial as to the name of this list
<big snip>
> Jim Lockwood, Paul Prescott and Jack Hill have perpetuated this wonderful
> Internet resource and it seems boorish and churlish to try to ursurp the
> name

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