"Selectively selling items"

William L. Fuqua III wlfuqu00 at POP.UKY.EDU
Mon Apr 14 13:39:58 EDT 1997

  When I sell some items, usually advertised locally, I sometimes indicate that
I prefer to sell to young novice and tech+ operators or ones about to
upgrade. This is
because I like to help young students get started in Ham Radio. I have been
ham radio classes here for years and have worked with many young students. I
have never
received a complaint from an higher class operator about my choice to sell
to a young
novice or tech+.
  Others may prefer to sell their gear, especially if they have some personal
attachment to it, to a higher class operator so that it used to its full
  These are personal preferences and have nothing to do with a persons
dislikes toward operators with one class license or any another.
I don't like to see someone blasted like this IN PUBLIC simply because he
is trying to help a particular group of operators with the same interest he
  If you have a personal complaint keep it personal and don't make it public.

Bill wa4lav

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