Need CW Filter Advice

Marcus Harton mharton at FREEDOMFORUM.ORG
Mon Apr 14 15:03:59 EDT 1997

I've got a Heathkit SB303 receiver that has been my main receiver since I
became a ham eight years ago. It bought it from a friend who stored it in
his garage after finishing it.

It's a super receiver, but my friend didn't buy the CW filter when he built
the rig. I operate CW almost exclusively, and I would like find a narrow
filter to put in.

I see a lot of postings to USENET and Compuserve's HAMNET from people
looking for CW filters for their rigs. I have posted a few myself, but got
no response. I only rarely find time to attend hamfests (will do more of
that when the kids get bigger.)

I would love to hear the wisdom of the group on this. If there's a good
aftermarket alternative or a good source of Heath filters, I would be
grateful for any leads.

Thanks and 73

Marcus nz4e

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