Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Wed Apr 16 05:41:20 EDT 1997

Jeff, it is a particularly nasty piece of work!!

It's an SSB transceiver that was quite compact for its day. I think
it uses transistors for everything. Has kind of a light blue front
panel with a built-in speaker.

I bought one for about $30-40 in 1976 or so and immediately gave up
trying to get it going.

The receiver didn't work at all, and I found that there was this sort
of AGC line that was connected to EVERYTHING in a rather
unconventional manner, that made it almost impossible to troubleshoot
the radio (for me anyway!)

I will be interested to see if you get it going and  put it on the

I have never worked anyone using one! The later version SBE-34 was
sort of black and silver colored and a little sharper looking. I
think some of those actually worked, although again, I have never
worked anyone using one on the air!

On 15 Apr 97 at 23:24, Jeffrey Herman spoke about SBE-33 and said:

> I just bought an SBE-33 sight unseen for $20 (no PS, no manual).
> I'll pick it up this weekend.
> Now that I own one (but haven't seen it yet), what is it? As I
> recall, SBE stood for SideBand Engineering; I seem to remember their
> ads possibly in QST back in the 60s or 70s.
> Gee, I sure hope it has CW! That's all I do on the air.
> Anyone have a copy of the manual? Anyone know what voltages it
> requires?
> This feels like Christmas!
> 73, Jeff KH2PZ

But it could turn out to have been Hallowe'en, he he!

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