AC wiring for BA's

Glenn Finerman GFINER at NMS.COM
Thu Apr 17 15:12:09 EDT 1997

There may have been a thread long  ago about the proper way to get
220V AC into the shack to power those current sucking BA amps but
I'll post my question here and hope someone can give me a quick
answer. I Pulled the cover off my circuit breaker box to get a look
inside because I want to run a 220 line into the new shack. I see a pair
of thick wires and a ground coming in from outside. The box has two
vertical rows of breakers. One of the thick wires feeds one row on the
left side and other feeds the right side. At the bottom of the box there is
one big breaker (not the main shut-off) that bridges over from the left
side to the right. This breaker has two wires coming out that feed a
huge wall mounted 220v air conditioner in the living room. The two wires
that come out of this breaker obviously connect to the two thick wires
from outside (220v).
My question...Did'nt someone say this is the WRONG way to get 220v?
Each "leg" from outside seems to provide 110v when paired with a
ground, but the air conditioner gets power from the the two main lines
coming in from outside. Does this mean I really can't have a proper 220
line in my shack? (Everyone on the street has underground wiring).

???????????????? confused!!!

73.........Glenn  N2BJG     gfiner at

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