Message from List Admin - PLEASE READ

Dave Kelley aa7tq at PRIMENET.COM
Mon Apr 28 17:16:02 EDT 1997


Have you ever posted a message only to find it didn't get posted after all?  How about not always getting all of the messages?  Or maybe getting a bunch at one time sometimes days after they were first posted?  Please read the following and it may help you understand what's going on.

Before I start let me mention that between three lists, Collins, Boatanchors, and Heath, I have gotten over 70 error messages today.  Of course, if there are 10 problem addresses (or systems) and 7 messages posted it doesn't seem like that many with over 887 people subscribed to the 3 lists.  Oh, and congratulations to Collins for going over 300 today and Heath only needs one more to make 300.  Not a bad forum.

One of the problems I've found with messages that get rejected for posting is that they include a header.  When you reply to messages and post that reply on the list, the list server checks the entire message for addresses that could cause a problem.  If it sees the original address of the list in the body of the message it kicks it out.  Watch for this.  I understand that Pegasus and Microsoft mail are notorious for including complete headers.

If the server has had any trouble delivering e-mail to your provider at any point it will keep trying for as much as 5 days.  You'd be surprised how often servers are down..if only for a few minutes at a time.  I'm on a major provider myself and the e-mail server averages 5 failures to connect each day.

Some people let their e-mail go unchecked until the box is full and the server bounces their mail back to the list server.  This starts a ping pong match of the message for 5 days.  Check your mail often - or change to digest at least.

Many of the errors are caused by people forwarding their mail.  Many servers won't forward e-mail from lists.  There are a few who have forwarded several times before it gets to their last box.  You can imagine the increased possibility for errors.  One guy is so deep in forwards that we can't find his actual original subscription to turn him off.

And of course it's important that you signoff the list when you're changing your e-mail address.  Sign off BEFORE it changes so you can do it with your original return address.  Then, when you get your new address resubscribe.

If you think you are missing any messages please check the web site at   At this site we have all messages posted within ten minutes of the submission.  It's sorted really nice too.

Enjoy, and please remember the items listed above the next time something strange could be explained.  You are also welcome to message me if you have a question.

73 and don't forget to get on the air!!


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