Old radio books for sale...

Dave gekko95 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Apr 30 20:09:43 EDT 1997

Hello all,

I picked up three old radio books today and I am just
passing them on to the group for what I paid.  I hate
to see excellent old literature lanquishing in a stale
old antique shop, not being seen.  Granted the prices
are 'antique shop' prices, but I didn't think they
were overly high.

Here's the rundown:

#1 - Principls of Radio 4th ed. - Keith Henney c. 1929-1942
     549 pages.

        Many good chapters on TRF principles, detectors, and
        the like.  Has chapter with SW receiver circuit, longwave
       receivers, and many charts and tables of coil data.
        Very good book.

#2 - Reference Data for Radio Engineers - Federal Radio and Telephone
     Corporation. c-1949  640 pages

        Has color fold-out Electromagnetic Spectrum in front,
       FULL of charts, formulas, and tables for everything
        even remotely related to radio, BA style

#3 - Coyne Television and Radio Handbook - Coyne Radio & TV
        School, Chicago.  c.1952  355 pages

        Compendium of charts and references on coil winding,
        tube base pinouts, tube concepts, vibrator power
       supplies, schematics, etc.  Good reference.

All three are a heavy 8+ to 9 condition.  All are hardback.
#1 has 'US Navy' stamped in it, but it is still in
extremely good condition.  They also have the prices I
paid penciled in the front leaf.

I'd like to sell the 3 as a set.  I paid $12 each (really -
I'm not out to make a buck!), and would like to recoup
that (plus a couple bucks for shipping).

Please feel free to email if interested.



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